El Cid Country Club – Hotel


The restaurant at El CID COUNTRY CLUB is intended for important personal or business occasions, especially if you want to celebrate them in an intimate circle of close people.

What’s more, an ordinary breakfast, lunch or dinner can also become extraordinary if you eat it here.

Our restaurant is ready for a large company of guests and suits the best family or corporate event you have ever imagined.


In El CID COUNTRY CLUB you get an easy walk to all major attractions of Denia. It is the most convenient place to live with the short and picturesque routes to the caves and the best beaches in Spain. We are keen on providing you with the comfort and convenience you have never imagined before!


Book a comfortable room or suite provided by El CID COUNTRY CLUB at the most affordable price today, and find yourself in the most picturesque corner of Spain with access to all the touristic attractions and conveniences. A 15-minutes walk will bring you to one of the most fabulous local beaches.

One more advantage is that being a guest of El CID COUNTRY CLUB , you can easily approach the railway station, which is a point of departure for many international and inter-country routes, and the port, where ferries sail to Ibiza and Mallorca. Our Spanish and Russian-speaking friendly staff will be glad to provide you with the essential information about the area.